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The foundation of the to be developed and executed TEAMS Blueprint is the methodology that has already been used by the Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence of the University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä Finland, better known as Tiimiakatemia. It is predominantly used for BBA courses and not for more vocational based educations.

This approach is, especially for maritime education revolutionary and contains elements that juxtaposes much of current methodologies as used in educational institutions: The applied philosophy on learning is a process that is not strictly divided into separate independent modules or subjects like marketing or leadership.

Teams are formed by students. They become Teampreneurs with an aspiration to start a business. The educational institutions have no legal control over its team companies; it does provide the coaching for the learning process.

The main methods are learning by doing and team learning. Projects offer opportunities to apply studied theory directly into practice and also provide a platform for students to reflect on theory in light of their own experiences while studying.

The teams use dialogue as a tool to share knowledge and think together. The purpose of dialogue is to go beyond one individual’s understanding – the whole organizes the parts, rather than trying to pull the parts into a whole.

In dialogue, people become observers of their own thinking. So: No students but teampreneurs, No classrooms but an open plan office, No teaching but learning, No teachers but coaches, No control but self-organizing.