Introducing theĀ TEAMS

Developing entrepreneurial skills and design thinking. Perhaps not the first competencies you would link to maritime professionals. However, times are changing. Technology and digitalization are transforming the shipping industry.


Entrepreneurial Skills

Do you also want to get started with entrepreneurship?

Special tools have been developed in the TEAMS project to coach teachers in entrepreneurship and design thinking. Please take a look!


In order for maritime students to be experienced in entrepreneurial skills and design thinking, they need to be coached by their teachers. The TEAMS Blueprint is the methodology used to train maritime teachers to become a TEAMS coach.

Gap analysis

The three maritime schools involved in the TEAMS project have investigated which soft skills are missing in their curricula. The gap analysis is a representation of their findings.

Project News

News & Events

Project week in Rotterdam (31st January- 4th March 2022)
Project week in Rotterdam (31st January- 4th March 2022)

Different every day during the project week TEAMS The third-year students Marof/Dredging had only just returned from a six-month internship at sea when they enthusiastically participated last week in the project week of the TEAMS (Teaching Entrepreneurial skills...

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Entrepreneurial Skills in Maritime education; 4 steps
Entrepreneurial Skills in Maritime education; 4 steps

In the TEAMS project we want to get our maritime students well prepared for the future. The TEAMS project believes that entrepreneurial skills play a key role in the future professional maritime field. How do you get entrepreneurial skills in maritime education?

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