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  • JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • Munster Technological University (Ireland)
  • Antwerp Maritime Academy (Belgium)
  • (1) STC Group (2) NMTF (3) Port XL (The Netherlands)

STC Group is a worldwide operating educational and research institution for the shipping, logistics, transport and process industries with its principal activities in the Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It offers shipping and transport education from pre-vocational, vocational, bachelors, up until master level, as well as training and consultancy to the private sector.

Within this project, STC Group is, just as the other maritime educational institutes, the beneficiary of the TEAMS project. And will implement and execute the TEAMS Blueprint in its education. Additionally, STC Group is consortium leader, coordinating the project as a whole, assigned to lead work package 1 as described. STC-GROUP has ample experience in leading and participating in EU funded projects, like Erasmus+ KA2, Interreg, etc.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences has a special unit called the Team Academy where students learn business by LbD-method. Instead of courses and lectures, the students complete the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration by working as entrepreneurs in their own companies.

In the beginning of their studies the students are divided into teams of 10-15 people, and each team starts a company of their own. The studies of 3,5 years finish with a trip around the world together with the team, funded by the company’s business profits.

The Antwerp Maritime Academy (De Hogere Zeevaartschool Antwerpen, HZS) is the only Higher Education Institute in Belgium offering education in Nautical Sciences and Marine Engineering at bachelor and master level. It is one of the few educational establishments in Belgium that is accredited with an ISO 9001 certificate that entails academic education, research, and vocational training offered to the private sector.

Munster Technological University (MTU) is a multi-campus technological University, contributing to Irelands southern region through the provision of academic programmes that support student development and opportunities, education and research. MTU has an extensive and impressive regional footprint with six campuses across the South-West of Ireland, and a student body of 18,000.

The National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) is one of these six campuses and provides degree programmes such as Nautical Science, Marine, Engineering, and Marine Electrotechnology and specialist courses such as fire-fighting/damage control, sea survival skills etc. Located in the NMCI is the Halpin Centre for Research and Innovation. Halpin leads MTU’s maritime research. The centre is a key partner in Ireland’s national effort to build a strong maritime sector. The HALPIN team work closely with other research and innovation teams in MTU, and with an extensive network of Irish, European & International partners. 

Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) is a close-knit, successful network of shipyards, suppliers and service providers who work together to achieve the impossible in all locations and conditions. In the field of maritime technology, these companies – large and small – are always one step ahead in the quest for new challenges and solutions.

Based on a shared pride and passion for the trade, the office organisation underpinning Netherlands Maritime Technology goes the extra mile to facilitate the work of the network in every way possible. Netherlands Maritime Technology serves the interests of the network, provides professional project support, and carries out independent research wherever necessary. There is a particular focus on issues linked to Trade, Innovation and Human Capital.


The domain Human Capital comprises at least the four division:

1. Promote inflow into the sector
2. Strengthen maritime technical education
3. Develop professionals
4. Promote good employment practices

Together, we help ensure that the Netherlands Maritime Technology sector remains strong and innovative, and continues to blaze a trail for the rest of the world to follow.

PortXL is a B2B maritime accelerator with a focus on creating tangible business value for maritime startups. It has locations in Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Singapore. As the 1st maritime accelerator in the world, they cultivate maritime ecosystems world-wide. Each year, PortXL scouts over 1000 startups and select not more than 20 for each location. These startups gain access to hands-on mentorship, a global maritime network, and valuable pilot opportunities with corporate partners.

PortXL is a valuable and logical partner in this project. It is a unique and unexampled provider of startup and mentoring expertise for maritime education and thus for this TEAMS project.