Project week in Rotterdam (31st January- 4th March 2022)

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Different every day during the project week TEAMS

The third-year students Marof/Dredging had only just returned from a six-month internship at sea when they enthusiastically participated last week in the project week of the TEAMS (Teaching Entrepreneurial skills Advancing the Maritime Sector) project. They worked according to the TEAMS Blueprint method via design thinking (this is a method for solving problems) on solutions for emission-free shipping. Every day was different!

Working out the problem

The formed groups worked on a problem statement on the first day and elaborated on it on the second day. The problem statement was explained by means of an inspiring video by Bas Buchner of MARIN, who also came by in the afternoon to answer questions from the students. Students also interviewed companies that could help with this. Wednesday was excursion day. In a playful way, the companies Wärtsilä and Alphatron taught the students about finding creative solutions. Teus van Beek (General manager ecosystem innovation at Wärtsilä), among others, had organized a short project week in half a day for the students, including a pitch. The students had to find a solution for improving the bridge on a ship. A good exercise, also with regard to pitching!

On Thursday, the students started making a poster to present the problem statement with solutions. They also received training on how to give a good five-minute pitch.

Also laugh!

To keep the spirit up a bit, a crash course in humor was also given by Bastiaan Geleijnse, one of the founders of Fokke & Sukke. He taught the students how to make good jokes in a fairly simple way by writing a text under a picture. And that was a real laugh!

Drop It

The grand final took place on Friday. In the Lloydzaal, the six groups presented their solutions in front of each other and a professional jury. Although all groups did very well, the group named Drop-It was just a little bit better and won a nice prize.

Fun, educational and creative

All in all, we look back on a very fun, educational, creative week with a lot of enthusiasm. Especially by the students, even those who had to be quarantined and worked hard online. Also thanks to the organization. Well done third year Marofs and Dredging students!!!

Get a closer look with the aftermovie: